July Music Line-up

1st Outlaw Opry 1pm

7th Stacy Collins 1pm

8th Flat Broke 1pm

14th Jay Christopher 1pm

15th Mixed Nuts 1pm

21st Riding Shotgun 1pm

22nd Wild Knights 1pm

28th Random Rooster 1pm

29th Threshold 1pm

November Music Line-up

4th Jay Christopher 1pm

October Music Line-up

6th Stacy Collins 1pm

7th Mars Needs Guitars 1pm

13th Bob Griffin Duo 1pm

14th Flat Broke 1pm

20th Whiskey River 1pm

21st Quarter Draw Band 1pm

27th Sonic Tonic 1pm

28th Catfish Willie 1pm

April Music Line-up

7th Mars Needs Guitars 1pm

8th Scott & Mechelle 1pm

15th The Vault 1pm

22nd Jonathan Baker Duo 1pm

29th Escape 1pm

​Hawg Pit Music Schedule

June Music Line-up

2nd Bob Griffin Duo 1pm

3rd KD Allen & The Sliders 1pm

9th The Graham Band 2pm

10th Whiskey Revolution 1pm

16th Skylark Duo 1pm

17th Sonic Tonic 1pm

23rd Double Shot 1pm

24th Flip the Frog 1pm

30th Tom Nickeson 1pm

August Music Line-up

4th Stacy Collins 1pm

5th Pat Liston 1pm

11th Sonic Tonic 1pm

12th Midnight Special 1pm

18th Jay Christopher 1pm

19th Skylark 1pm

25th Double Shot 2pm

26th Keystone River Rats 1pm

May Music Line-up

5th Stacy Collins 1pm

6th Deadman's Bridge 1pm

12th Rusty Retro 1pm

13th Jonathan Baker 1pm

19th Thirst N Howl Duo 1pm

20th Simple Therapy 1pm

26th Pat Liston 1pm

27th Catfish Willie 1pm

28th Kene Turcott

Great Music Every Weekend all Summer at The Hawg Pit !!!​

September Music Line-up

1st Simple Therapy 1pm

2nd KD Allen & The Sliders 1pm

3rd Jay Christopher 1pm

8th Driftwood 1pm

9th Amped Up 1pm

15th Outlaw Opry 1pm

16th Flip the Frog

22nd Skinny Jim & The # 9 Blacktops 1pm

22nd Sonic Tonic 6pm

23rd Nite Life 1pm

30th Catfish Willie 1pm